SFIS Historical Overview

Contract Award September 1999
The Statewide Fingerprint Imaging System (SFIS) procurement was initiated in 1995, and went through a complete acquisition and selection cycle, a protest and counter protest, a judicial ruling to start all over, and another complete acquisition cycle. The state selected Electronic Data Systems (now Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services) and Printrak, their AFIS technology subcontractor, to implement the system and approved the contract in September 1999.

Pre-Planning and County Coordination
In anticipation of the contract award, the State began pre-planning and county coordination in February 1999. When the contract was finalized, the State was well prepared to begin an aggressive development and implementation program.

Rapid Development Approach
EDS and Printrak undertook rapid development of SFIS, with the objective of completing the design and development of all workstations and central site components within a 5-month period.

AFIRM Data Conversion
The Los Angeles Automated Finger Image Report and Match (AFIRM) system, which was implemented in 1992, was the first ever finger imaging system to be used for a welfare application. In parallel with the system development, all of the existing AFIRM records were converted for use in the SFIS. This was completed successfully and the AFIRM records were loaded as the initial database. SFIS also replaced all of the AFIRM installations in the five counties that used the system (Los Angeles, Orange, San Francisco, Alameda and Contra Costa).

Pre-Deployment Testing
The rapid deployment activity culminated in the delivery of a complete central site system and a representative number of each type of workstation in late January 2000. The delivered system was required to successfully complete comprehensive functional and performance testing before the SFIS program office would permit installations in the counties.

3-Phase Rollout
County installations were accomplished in three implementation phases beginning March 2000. At the end of each phase, the State conducted a series of performance tests to ensure that the system was continuing to operate in a satisfactorily manner and was able to handle the increased workload. This approach ensured the early detection and correction of performance problems.

Ongoing Maintenance and Operations Support
As of January 2001, after all counties were operational, SFIS has provided on-going maintenance and operations support (including Help Desk, regular preventive maintenance, training and remedial maintenance).

Contract Award September 2009
This SFIS procurement to continue SFIS operations was awarded to Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services and MorphoTrak, their AFIS technology subcontractor. The Office of the Chief Information Officer (now Department of Technology) and the Department of General Services (DGS) approved the proposed contract, and the award was made in September 2009.