SFIS Program Objectives

SFIS will:

Effectively Eliminate Welfare Fraud

Duplicate Aid occurs when an individual is receiving aid under two or more active accounts. The causes could be:

  • A simple administrative error or;
  • A misrepresentation of identity by a client in an attempt to collect additional benefits.

SFIS will:

Effectively Eliminate Payments to Incorrect Payees Due to Fraud or Administrative Error

Payments to Incorrect Payees occur when aid is provided to someone other than the legitimate recipient:

  • A simple misidentification of a client could result in an incorrect payment.
  • An incorrect payment could result from the client’s misunderstanding of payments, for example in the event that payments were continued after death of an aided family member.
  • An incorrect payment could also result from an individual claiming to be someone else and attempting to collect their benefit.

Fingerprint image verification matching can prove that the applicant is or is not the client entitled to receive the benefit.

SFIS may:

Provide a Deterrent to Other Types of Fraud

System Features

  • SFIS Provides a Match of Duplicate Records
    SFIS has the ability to match two fingerprint images that are associated with the same individual.
  • SFIS Aids in Verifying Proof of a Client’s Claimed Identity
    SFIS has the ability to verify the person in the office is or is not the entitled recipient identified in the SFIS record corresponding to their claimed identity.

What the System Does Not Do

  • SFIS Does Not Detect Other Types of Payee Fraud
    SFIS cannot detect or prevent other types of fraud such as unreported income, a false absentee parent claim, inaccurate reporting of the number of dependents, or misuse of food stamps; however, it can serve as a deterrent.
  • SFIS Does Not Provide Eligibility Records Management or Case History Information
    SFIS is not intended to replace or supplement existing eligibility systems. SFIS is not designed to maintain case history information, other than aid type.

SFIS Provides Challenges and Opportunities

  • SFIS can be used effectively to significantly reduce welfare fraud.
    The system provides a broad range of capabilities, delivering the opportunity to significantly reduce duplicate aid fraud and reduce incorrect payments due to simple administrative errors.
    The challenge to counties is to use the system to its fullest to create and maintain high quality records, and to develop investigation policies and procedures that will help to detect or prevent fraud.

SFIS Project Team Commitment

To support the counties and the state in realizing the full potential of the system, the SFIS project team is committed to providing:

  • Timely delivery of quality service;
  • Ongoing technical support to maximize long-term system effectiveness; and
  • Ongoing user training.