SFIS Central Resources

Central Site

Transaction Management Subsystem
This subsystem acts like a telephone switchboard, receiving incoming calls for service from the county workstations, routing transactions to the other subsystems for processing, and ensuring that the results of each transaction are returned to the correct requester.

MorphoTrak AFIS Subsystem
The Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) processes the fingerprint image open search and closed search transactions, and computes match scores for comparisons of the search images to all or selected records in the database.

The AFIS technology is provided by MorphoTrak (Safran), a leading manufacturer of high performance AFIS. MorphoTrak’s technology originated in research at the FBI that resulted in the very first automated fingerprint matching system. MorphoTrak now has the world’s largest installed base of AFIS.

Verification Workstations
Computer matched candidates and missed verifications are routed from the AFIS subsystem to the Verification Workstations, where trained fingerprint analysts make a determination before the search results are returned to the originating workstation.

Database Management Subsystem
SFIS stores its digital fingerprint image, photo image and demographic records in high-reliability Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) under the control of a Relational Database Management System.
The database management subsystem is designed to provide secure, expandable storage of SFIS records with high-speed access and retrieval to support the overall performance requirements of the system.

Backup, Archive and Retrieval Subsystem
The SFIS architecture includes a system for both on-line and off-line storage of database records and other critical system data, to ensure that system operations can be fully restored without any data loss in the event of an equipment failure.

Test Bed Subsystem
The SFIS test bed subsystem replicates the full functionality of the central system and is used to provide off-line testing of system modifications prior to their implementation in SFIS. This ensures that problems are detected without impacting operations.

Help Desk

SFIS includes a central help desk facility that provides on-call technical support and maintenance scheduling during established SFIS hours of operation.

(866) 860-7347

OTech Network

SFIS utilizes the existing OTech telecommunications network and infrastructure for communications between the workstations installed in the counties and the central site in Sacramento, CA.

SFIS County Installations

SFIS has six workstation types:

Client Input Workstations
These primary workstations are used to input data to create or update fingerprint image and photo image records on SFIS.

Fraud Investigation Workstations
These workstations support the investigation of detected duplicate records to determine if duplicate aid fraud has been committed or attempted.

System Administration Workstations
These workstations are used by the county’s system administrator to configure reports and manage user security in order to optimize the local SFIS installation to best suit the county’s needs.

Multi-Function Workstation
These workstations combine the Client Input, Fraud Investigations, and System Administration functions in a single workstation.

Portable Input Workstation
Portable workstations provide the same input capabilities of the Client Input Workstations in a portable package. This enables the collection of SFIS data at remote locations.

Regional Training Workstation
This workstation is for training staff at the county-site. It is connected to the SFIS training database for the County to simulate classroom training.